Valikvar Hjaltwesfv

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Name: Valikvar Hjaltwesfv
Race: Viera
Gender: Male
Age: 30 in Hyurian Years (??? in Vieran Years)
Occupation(s): Adventurer, Mercenary, Bodyguard, Former Veena

Height: 6′1.4" (186.5 cm)
Build: Muscular
Complexion: Alabaster
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Raven

Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Introverted, Lowkey Sarcasm

Accessories: Bifrost Flower
Tattoos: None
Scarring: Below left eye, various on body.


- Adventuring & travel
- Mercenary work
- Spicy foods
- Solitude
- Reading
- Beast taming

Meeting Vali

One of few words and an initially cold outward demeanor betray an otherwise kind-hearted man. He frequently takes dangerous jobs to help those in need and doesn't stick around to make acquaintances. What's his deal, anyways?A touch harnessing frost, he is known to wield dark aether and the element of ice to an expert effect. A mysterious flower he calls "Bifrost" augments his power. This muscular Viera is covered in scars yet continues to throw himself towards danger to protect others.For someone as solitary, stoic and often silent as he is, Valikvar "begrudgingly" finds himself attracted to those with a warm heart, albeit with a little sarcasm. Mysterious as it gets with the once Veena tribesman, perhaps he'd be willing to open up around the right person?


Vali is a roaming swordsman, familiar with mercenary work, but only for a just cause.He is no stranger to protection detail, willing to keep people safe.Dark against the void: Vali is trained to face voidsent and is a valuable tool in the hunt.Quiet, stoic, and with his heart in the right place, Vali is a good victim to place in random slice of life scenes, as he doesn't socialize well - making for awkward but funny scenarios.Vali is available for romance opportunities, but he is rough around the edges and is not one to open up immediately.


-- Contact Info --
Discord: fiona_rhela
Data Center/Server: Crystal/Mateus
Timezone: Pacific
-- RP Permissions --
RP Style: Adventure, treasurehunting, mature themes, slice of life
IC Residence(s): Character Housing Catalog
Combat System: Free-form (preferred) or basic rolls
Physical Violence/Injury: Yes (with permission)
Emotional Violence: Yes (with permission)
Romance: Yes (with permission)
Orientation: Straight
Death: No